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I just recieved this from my 3rd degree High Priestess

Elysia, my daughter, was in the hospital today. She got shocked pretty bad at work. Please send her all the healing energy you can. The EKG was normal, thank Goddess, but her potassium and other electrolytes in her body are severely depleted. She had to have two IV bags of fluids. The pupils of her eyes are severely constricted. The whites of her eyes are yellow. Her blood sugar was dangerously low. She wasn't too coherent on the phone when I talked to her. She checked out of the hospital AMA because her kids were in day care and she had no one to pick them up for her. I told her to check back into the hospital as soon as she got a babysitter, but she is as stubborn as I am, and never did go back in. She is at home now. I told her to put chamomile tea bags on her eyes and to drink Gatorade (she won't touch the pedialyte!). She was finally able to hold something on her stomach, so her blood sugar is somewhat stabilized now. I don't know what else to tell her. Any suggestions? Any Reiki healers out there that can send her some healing energy? I put a protective bubble around her and am sending her all the energy I can right now. I was ready to go to her, but she doesn't want me to come up tonight. I have to respect her judgement on this one. I don't want to add to her stress by trying to come up there when my car is running as badly as it is. At least I have insurance on it now, so I can get a visitor's pass to get on base if I need to. I will be keeping a close eye on the situation and can be there in 6 hours, if necessary. She is on Whidby Island. If she has to go back to the hospital, she will be going to the hospital on Whidby Naval Air Station. I will keep you posted.

Please help if you can.
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