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Continuation of a thought from a year ago

fragments, 9/22/02, 11:52 p.m.

Repentance. Rest. Quietness. Trust. These four values shall be one's bedrock. -- Isaiah 30:15 (NIV New Student)

If I could now just find a good definition of repentance. Its etymology?

Repent; see Pain.

Pain. (French = Latin.) Middle English peine. = French peine, a pain, a penalty. = Latin paena, punishment, penalty, pain. + Greek poine, penalty.
repent, to rue. (French = Latin.) French repentir, to repent. = Latin re-, again; penitere, to cause to repent; see penitent.
penitent. (French = Latin.) Old French penitent-, stem of pres. pt. of paenitere, to cause to repent, frequent. form of paenire = punire, to punish. = Latin paena, a penalty.

Rest, repose. (English.) Anglo-Saxon rest, raest, rest. + Dutch rust, Danish & Swedish rast, Icelandic rost [umlaut over the o] (the distance between two resting places), Gothic rasta (a stage), Old High German rasta, rest. Allied to Sanskrit ra-ti, pleasure, Greek eraet, rest.

Quiet, adj. (Latin.) Latin quietus, quiet; orig. past participle of quiere, only used in the inceptive form quiescere, to be still. Cf. quies, rest. Allied to Greek keimai, I rest; Sanskrit ci, to lie still.

trust. (Scandanavian.) Middle English trust. = Icelandic traust, trust, protection, firmness; Danish, Swedish trost [umlaut over the o], consolation. + German trost, consolation, Gothic trausti, a covenant. From the same base as true.

True, firm, certain. (English.) Middle English trewe. Anglo-Saxon treowe, trywe, true. Orig. 'believed;' allied to Old Prussian druwit, to believe (Fick). + Dutch trouw, Icelandic tryggr, trur, Danish tro, Swedish trogen, German treu, Gothic triggws, true. Cf. Gothic trauman, to believe, trust, be persuaded.
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So, y'all gonna stock up on guns or anything cool like that?
Any huge microwave ovens?
Sorry. ;p
Just now noticed you had this community.
Hope it goes well!
this community seemed really rather interesting, and the actual church/ecclisa is really rather attractive as well its unfortuinate its so abandoned, i just wanted to let you know that im rather impressed with the community despite it being dead or on hiatus, id ask to join but then im currently in a bit of a spritual winter my self as well i guess, cleaning out the old and turning stagnancy to seed, all the same ill be watching it in case anything new comes, i wanted to express my opinion and regret before i did so though.