chasing the soul (novapsyche) wrote in spiritoflife,
chasing the soul

Welcome, seekers

I'm Nova Psyche, one of the founders of the Children of the New Sun Collective, formerly known as the Spirit of Life Church. I'm a Christopagan, New Age mystick. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as my own personal goddess figure whom I call Tathsheba. I practice solitary and group shamanism with the use of foci (including entheogens). I was raised in a Christian household that had, some would say, some occult overtones. Since several episodes of personal insight, I've realized that ever since I can remember, I've been both Christian and pagan. So now, I am attempting to formally merge these seemingly disparate religious systems.

Personally, I'm Rx+ (i.e., drug-friendly), sexually open, polyamorous. I wear a Japanese symbol for "crazy" around my neck most days. I'm deeply into philosophy these days. And, after several symbolic near-death experiences and one real one, I'm coming to remember my love affair with life, and what part I might play in that relationship.

Why a church? Why a movement? I can't answer these questions. Like others, I hear a calling. Right now, that calling is to understand myself. And I know I am not the only person who hears a calling such as this. I have met too many.

So I start this effort, this church, this community, this not-for-profit. In the hopes that those with similar hearts will join in and change this world we share, from the inside out.

For you curiosity seekers: What is it that you're looking for in a church? (Especially a church in a post-WTC world?) What beliefs do you hold that you think would never be sanctioned by a religious body? Do you think mainstream American is ready for New Age "societies" giving "rites of initiation" to prospective members? I wonder.

Where is consciousness, macro and micro, headed? What is the condition of the path beneath our feet?

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